Friday, 14 August 2020 16:59

New Varieties Of Carnation!!!

Flowers have always been an important element in all cases when a person had a need to demonstrate any feeling.


It seems that lately this is no longer being paid attention to, but in fact, the opposite is true, the priority remains to see a beautiful vase of flowers decorating the interior.


It is for this reason that our plantations, realizing this need, continue and redouble their efforts to deliver the highest quality wholesale flowers and continually bring new varieties to the market, be they roses, carnations or different types of flowers that are provided to our customers, satisfying their taste for flowers. excellent quality.


The following new varieties of carnation  are available this week:


Carnation Blue Winner Thril

Carnation Blue Thrill Cobalt

Carnation Thrill Mix




We are here to encourage our customers to participate in such innovations and to provide excellent quality, and at the same time be part of the revival of our customers' market in this new phase.

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