Thursday, 23 May 2019 18:43

Hydrangea For Export Wholesale From Columbia!

Hydrangea on the Russian market is an additional option for fresh cut roses and other wholesale flowers.

Invos Flowers offers you an interesting assortment of hydrangea plantations; which are located in Medellin and in Sabana de Bogota.

This flower stands out primarily for its size and variety of colors that it can offer, thanks to the fact that we have several suppliers who specialize in the production of hydrangea for export.

Due to the fact that the producers of hydrangeas are located in several regions of Colombia, because of the different acidity of the soil, different colors of hydrangea are obtained: in the soil with a higher PH, the flowers turn blue, and in the soil where the more alkaline medium prevails the flower becomes pink in color alkaline soil hydrangea becomes white, although this property of acidity PH can be changed artificially.

As in the case of the rose, the hydrangea can also be painted for the wholesale supply of flowers.


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