Thursday, 09 May 2019 14:04

Continuous Quality Control Of Flowers.

Constant quality control of fresh cut flowers and roses in bulk is the main priority of our company. We deliver flowers to different parts of the World and control all the processes, thereby guaranteeing the freshness and beauty of Colombian flowers to our customers to their final destination.

One of such quality procedures is the constant testing of all solutions related to both pest control, phytosanitary diseases, and the hydration of finished products. In this test, we perform adequate acidity control (PH), which can affect foliage and flower life. To do this, we have special instruments for measuring acidity, the so-called PH meters, which allow us to notice in time the changes in the composition of the solutions used by each supplier.

Obviously, each plantation has its own methods and secrets, but thanks to the experience of our agronimists that can give advice, and even in some cases help improve the processing of the flower, which has a positive effect on the excellent quality of the flower we send, taking care of the satisfaction of our company's customers of Invos Flowers.

pH metro

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