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Diseases of Plants.

Since ancient times are known a lot of plant diseases. But over time, people, trying to develop new varieties, tried to stop these pests and diseases, changing the earth and developing various ways to improve flower cultivation, these pests affect the production and death in it by 15-20%, fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Here we list some of the diseases:


1. FUSARIOSIS: caused by a fungus that is in the ground, it is usually very destructive, it manifests as wilting, this disease starts from the bottom up.

2. ROY: This is a fungus that looks like a yellow powder, when it penetrates the plant, it multiplies very quickly.

3. SPOTS ON LEAVES: This is a bacterium that appears in the foliage, its appearance has a round brown color.

4. DEEP DEW: It is a parasitic fungus that forms a kind of white and dusty web, mainly affecting the leaves and stems.

5. TRIPS: These are small insects carrying viruses, depending on their species can live from a month to a year.

6. BOTRITIS: this is a mushroom that changes the color and texture of the flower, the most important factor for the appearance of this fungus is moisture.


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