Thursday, 31 January 2019 15:52

Beautiful Details For St. Valentine´s

St. Valentine's Day  holiday  is already coming and there are many legends and myths about the origin of this holiday. Today we will tell you one of the legends. Valentine's Day is celebrated in many countries on February 14th . The beginning of this date takes us to  the III century in Rome, when a priest named Valentin spoke out against the order of the emperor of that time who forbade the marriage of young people, justifying this by saying that marriage interferes with their military service like unmarried soldiers, there was no emotional instability and no children who would take their time and energy off. But this priest was very stubborn and began to secretly celebrate marriages for young lovers. When the Emperor knew about this he sentenced him to death on February 14 in 269, and for this reason, in memory of this priest, they started to celebrate Day of St. Valentine, patron of all lovers.


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