Saturday, 08 September 2018 15:29

Sea Transportation - New Alternative For Sending Flowers For Wholesale From Colombia.

Faced with heavy goods overloading for air shipment for the wholesale trade of cut flowers, marine transport has had unprecedented success and is increasingly being used by customers from different continents of Asia, Europe and North America.
Currently, flower plantations are forced to adopt this new transportation method for their products, as its customers require, due to delays in airlines and a constant increase in shipping prices.

Advantages of shipping!

- The date of departure is the one indicated by the shipping company, they do not have any changes and the exact time from the port to the port.
- The processing of the flower is a little different and is a more controlled process in maritime transport that is excellent at temperature and hydration.
- Plantations should deliver their flowers for wholesale sales to warehouses designed by cargo agencies, and agencies organize optimal delivery.
 - The temperature of the vessel is fully controlled during the trip and does not have any fluctuations, as in the case of air transport.
- The cost is much lower.


For long trips to Europe and Asia, the most successful products are Carnations, carnation chrysanthemums and greens as the rose is preserved better on short trips, such as in the USA.

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