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Surprise them with flowers in April

We can not forget the importance of human talent in the organizations, this knowledge and strategy improves processes and helps in the growth of the organization. There are different functions and a position depending on the economic activity of every company that makes every process of the production fully operational. A clear Example of this are the receptionist and helpers their organization and planning, prevents a loss of control of times in the companies, just for this reason in some places of Latino America they have an special day for them, This day is celebrated April 26 in countries such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Panama, Bolivia and Peru


April for Colombia is a month of celebrations that's why we bring you a top 5 of the dates of some celebrations in this South American country:

April 10 day Florist

April 22, earth day

April 23 day of languages and librarian 

April 24, the day of Childhood and Recreation

27 April-day of the graphic designer

Among those presents usual that you can give are: perfumes, chocolates, dinners and one not to be missed are fresh flowers.


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