Thursday, 02 November 2017 15:23

All Saints' Day – celebration for the flower business.

All Saints' Day also known as Day of the Dead or All Souls' Day many countries commemorate a heartfelt tribute to the family members and relatives who have passed away.


It is a mainly Catholic tradition, in which we remember with affection all loved ones and we pay homage to their lives, visiting their tombs, carrying beautiful floral arrangements , candles, in some countries even meals, accompanied by other religious practices like prayers and Eucharistic celebrations in his name, hoping that with all this, our relatives and friends who have died, find peace and adequate rest, avoiding that they wander on the earth are finding the place of rest.


This celebration is very old tradition and is accompanied by a deep sense of devotion, for Catholics, is consecrated from the Old Testament in Libos like Jeremiah "In peace you will die. And as the perfumes have been burned by your parents,  the kings of the ancestors who preceded you, and burn them for you, and with the "wow, Lord!" Will mourn for you, for I say so. In turn, in the second book of the Maccabees, it is written: "John Maccabeus commanded to offer sacrifices for the dead, that they might be delivered from their sins" (2 Macc.12: 46); and following this tradition, in the early days of Christendom the names of the brethren who had departed in the diptych were written, which is a set formed by two folding tables, in the form of a book, in which the early Church used to write down in two matched lists the names of the living and the dead for whom it was to be prayed.


Great wholesale flowers and roses dispatches are shipped from Colombia and Ecuador to countries where the tradition of bringing floral arrangements  is quite high. The flower shops, depart from end of October to countries like Spain, Portugal, Mexico, etc. And being very lived in all the countries where the Catholic religion has great acceptance, I carry floral arrangements especially in the form of wreaths, bouquets of roses.


Let's be a part of this celebration to remember our family that are no longer with us, and appreciate every moment with the ones we love and that are still with us.

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