Friday, 27 October 2017 13:45


The rose, as an expression of feelings  normally is given on special dates such as Mother's Day, St. Valentine's Day, anniversaries, International Women's Day, among others and exist many  variety of colors.


However, the black rose, which really exists as such in its natural form, has been of special interest and has been a source of inspiration for writers and alchemists for centuries.


The black rose grows in small quantities in a village of Turkey called Halfeti. The special conditions of the ground and underground water pH of this area makes the red crimson rose black and only in summer.


During the rest of the year this flower is very dark red. In artificial form the black rose is obtained of two forms: or dying a white rose or the red rose FREEDOM or creating a hybrid of black and purple rose. Either way  this rose can’t  be black.



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