Friday, 08 September 2017 14:57

Cut Fresh Flowers Wholesale-Logistics Export Process

Among of all the important requirements for an export of fresh cut flowers  and roses for wholesale, it is indispensable the opening process that starts at the moment of a commercial agreement with a new client, INVOS FLOWERS is responsible for generating a first document called CONTRACT OF SUPPLY which is addressed directly to the National Tax and Customs Office (DIAN), where it specifies with which customer is the commercial agreement leaving there all the important information of the importer and the exporter for their respective monitoring by this authority is also due clarify which products we will export (Variety of Flowers and foliage), this contract is sent back to the customs agency who is responsible for the generation of the Global Exporter Document by the customer.


Within this export process, the foreign trade departments and the logistics department, together with the freight agencies, are responsible for the handling of export documents (DEX), the elaboration and presentation of certificates of origin, the generation of phytosanitary certificates and procedures for presentation to the ICA, among other processes such as quality management, loading and unloading procedures.

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