Wednesday, 26 July 2017 19:00

Temperature’s control in the transportation of the flowers

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Flower transportation is not a simple task, since wholesale flowers should be kept in low temperatures.  Is essential to ensure the quality of the fresh cut flowers keeping them fresh during the long distance transportation.                  

The control of the temperature that remains intact ensures the customer that the product they receive has been maintained at the appropriate temperatures during production, transportation and storage what guarantees a longer life in the vase. This is      the main reason for monitoring the conservation of the temperature.

INVOS FLOWERS recommends to all our customers to keep control of temperatures for the fresh cut flowers from their production, packaging until the arrival of the products to their final destination. For this we have LogTag digital thermometers with USB port for reports reading, they will be able to carry out a temperature’s control and monitoring and to fix the changes that can be presented both on the farm and in land and air transport.


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