Tuesday, 06 September 2016 13:16

The language of flowers

The language of flowers

Nothing is free in the universe. Everything is interconnected in a large and endless maze of harmony. Even our invisible thoughts emit charges of energy, which affect the physical and emotional spirit of the people and all that surrounds them. We are the energy.

Substance – is a condensate of energy and the energy is all that we can see, feel, apprehend, hear and feel. Modern technologies are not able to produce even a clover leaf, not to mention the production of simple flowers.

Flowers are part of this wonderful energetic cycle and each in its particular color, smell, shape and magical signification that inspires poets, lovers and other sensitive persons. Flowers have a unique mining that depends on an appropriate occasion, color, quantity. They have a magic charm, and different feelings, affecting the hearts and feelings of any living creature. Flowers speak a universal language understandable all around the world and to every one of us.

INVOSFLOWERS passionately works on delivering all over the world the positive energy in the form of flowers and bring to every heart the message of love, peace and harmony.

We are in tune with the infinite power of colors and therefore our greatest satisfaction is the positive emotions of all those who are in contact with the flowers from INVOSFLOWERS, delivered all over the world.

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