Friday, 22 May 2015 00:00

Kazakhstan Astana Flor Expo 2015


Flower growth in Kazakhstan’s market, as in other former republics of the Soviet Union, would be meaningless without the distribution of wholesale flowers from Colombia, Ecuador and Kenya. It is the reason why, each year in the international exhibition, Invos Flowers’s booth enjoys the greatest interest among trade professionals and flower lovers. We exhibited in our booth a lot of roses varieties from Colombia, Ecuador and Kenya as well as other flowers such as Alstroemeria, Hydrangeas, Carnations, Gypsophilias and Garden Roses.

Tinted roses caught the attention of many visitors for their colours and different combinations.



A while ago, in our first participation in Astana’s Fair, we saw the first traces of growth in the flower market in Kazakhstan, bringing together in recent years more and more turnover. We relate this floristic growth with the expansion of Astana city, florists are seen as a prestige profession, and the production market expands as well.

We are grateful with all our friends - organizers of the fair, doing possible every year this festival of flowers, also to all visitors not only from Kazakhstan, but also from other countries. It was nice to see the interest of all visitors in our flowers!!!

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