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Canvas With Dry Flowers Or Branches


Many times we want to decorate our room and we do not know how… In this article will teach you how to make a canvas with dried flowers or branches.



1. Flowers or branches of your choice
2. book or magazine
3. Scissors
4. Glue or silicone
5. bottle of water
6. A photo frame or a white canvas



If you want to make a picture just with dried flowers, you must select or collect various flowers or petals, the ones you like there are different types of drying but in this article we will use a book.
Cut and fit the flowers or petals and store them for a week and a half into a book. Check every 2 or 3 days to know how much drying you want.
After drying take the flower out of the book and put them on a white sheet or card this will be our base for the portrait. Annalise how you want to place them, once you decide mix glue with water and use the mix (it should be light and not as thick) to glue them to the base, then passes this same glue over your dried flowers to give a bit more brightness and maintain their colour.

If you want to make your canvas with branches you must first paint the canvas with colours of your choice, left to dry and place the branches in the desired position with silicone, not glue because the branches are heavier; put the silicone in the branches and not directly on the canvas as you can burn it. Place the branch according to your preference and done! You have a picture made by yourself.





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