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What kind of flowers can I give mom on her day?

You can change the tradition and give mom an exotic and colourful flowers.


Roses, tulips, gerberas, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, lilies ... Flowers have been the symbol in the celebration of Mother's Day for many years, perhaps for 'mother earth' similitudes or perhaps because of the delicacy it is imposed to mothers. This year, you can innovate, take advantage of the different species available in the market and surprise with original flowers.


Keep in mind the personality and mood of your mom and would be possible to find the perfect gift.


- Classy and Romantic: For them, pastel colours are ideal.

Colours, hues and behaviour of the roses, allow the expression of emotions differently.
For example, If it is elegant, discreet and subtle, Rose Osiana (pale skin colour) is appropriate. If mom radiates delicacy and glamor, give her a lilac rose. If it is cheerful, give her a (fuchsia colour) will be the correct option.


- For the minimalist: Exotic flowers and not very delicate arrangements.

In these cases, the most used are the orchids symbolize the utmost refinement and beauty. Elegance in simplicity, an arrangement of orchids that is based on a modern design is ideal for a modern working mother gift, but also dedicated to his family. You might also opt for other types of exotic flowers (like tulips or lilies), with which you can make a bouquet, big or small, but striking.


- For the energetic: Vibrant colours like orange and yellow

Experts agree that for a strong, versatile, vital and generous mother, orange flowers are recommended. And if it is strong, vibrant and reliable yellow roses. Pink roses (light colours) are not recommended. Sunflowers might be an option, though everything is a matter of taste.

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