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Each year international recognition is higher in Europe, USA and Russia as one of the most demanded flowers. About 250 carnation varieties are grown mainly in the northern savannah of Bogotá, with an estimated growth time of two years.


Since 2010, Colombia reached 53% in the global market of wholesale carnation. Exporting high quality and long lasting carnation varieties. Many other countries as Kenya with a 20% of participation, are making an effort to grow in this market, trying to reach the large amounts that are being handled in Colombia.


Wholesale flowers market is growing at the speed of a rocket, as ensures the website, claiming that their growth will not stop, because carnations are not the only product that Colombia offers. Roses, Alstroemeria, Chrysanthemums, lilies among others are in a high demand as well.


Carnation represent only 12% in the Colombian flower production, with a value of approximately $600USD million.


Currently the most representative countries with cut carnation are:



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