Wednesday, 01 April 2015 00:00

INVOS FLOWERS continuously evolving

We have been working for 17 years offering to our clients the best flowers, service and support. A continuous search for new and innovative alternatives that allow our suppliers to learn about new trends and market requirements, and thus establishing a closer bond between all links in the chain.


Not only we offer a wide varieties of wholesale roses, but also a wide catalogue of different flower products and thus facilitate and accelerate the achievement of its requirements.


Keep in mind, every day the market demands a best flower quality, with specific characteristics and competitive prices.


Our clients will soon find a single presentation of bouquet's packing of all our growers and also a higher quality flower than what they normally receive.


Invos Flowers' quality control department has established a protocol that will allow to achieve this goal. Likewise all the efforts of our suppliers are aimed to fully satisfy all our customers' demands. It is very good time to be tempted and get to know this new facet of roses that Invos Flowers offers.

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