Tuesday, 17 March 2015 00:00

TULIPS “love is revealed”

Tulip is a very famous plant, is the symbol of The Netherlands. From central Asia (from the mountains of Kazakhstan), extended to china, Middle East, North Africa and South Europe.


Scientific name is tulipa seemingly derived from the Greek word “tulbend” and may be ultimately derived from the Persian word “delband” ("Turban"), this name being applied because of the resemblance of the shape of a tulip flower to that of a turban. Symbolic meaning “love is revealed”


The tulip is a bulbous plant. Depending on the species, tulip plants can be between 30 cm and 60 cm high. its great attraction lies in appearance , as their shape and intensity of its colours make it a particularly attractive and exotic plant.


Invos Flowers is glad to inform to all our clients that we offer wholesale tulips. We have an availability of 10000 stems per week a wide range of colours such as red, purple, white, yellow, orange, pink and bi-colour. The Packing for tulips is half box of 400 stems or quarter box for 200 stems.

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