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Roses – The flower’s language

Roses have been always one of the main symbols to express love. Historically,  the different colours have a special meaning and creates a particular bond between who gives flowers and who receives them.



White Rose. Traditionally is considered as a symbol of purity, integrity and innocence. White roses are also use in weddings because symbolize eternal love.

 The most popular colour among roses is red. If you ever receive a bouquet of red roses means not only an expression of love but also passion, correspondence and dedication. explorer 
 Who receives a bouquet of red wine roses carries with it the connotation of grace and elegance and also is considered a captivating and special person.
A soft and shy rose is the pink one. Unlike the red roses, pink roses symbolize the beginning of love, soulful and weak. Also sweetness and poetic romance.  engagement
gold star The most contradictory rose is the yellow one. For a couple means breakup. Nevertheless is acceptable to give away yellow roses among friends, denote friendship and loyalty.
Orange roses are not common and they represent a bridge between friendship, enthusiasm and passion. cayenne
 rosa negra Black roses are often featured in fiction with many different meanings. This colour symbolize pain and sorrow. Even though black roses are actually a very dark shade of red, purple, or maroon.
Blue roses in some cultures represent the mythical part of our lives can also denote regal majesty and splendour like a blue sky. sky blue mondial


To conclude, numbers are special in a bouquet as well. For that reason three, seven or twelve stems are the best option.

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