Wednesday, 04 February 2015 00:00

Invosflowers participated in IPM Essen Germany 2015, Horticulture and flower fair.

For second time, Invos Flowers participated in IPM Essen Germany. Exhibition that took place between the 27th to 30th of January, in Essen. This Fair is the meeting point for wholesale flowers producers and horticulture companies. Hundreds of people have come to see the quality of our products, flowers and wholesale roses from Colombia, Ecuador and Kenya.

It gives us an immense pleasure to serve customers in the European market. As well as our clients located in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other regions that have approached to us in this occasion.

We thank our suppliers for their active participation and collaboration in this fair, where we have been able to re-let the high quality of Colombian, Ecuadorian and Kenyan flowers.

Guaranteeing the finest flowers not only for the exhibition but also in all our shipments of wholesale flowers that our clients receive daily.

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