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Avocado or Perseus American (lat. Persēa americāna) is a very important and popular product in tropical and subtropical areas of central and south America, 

Avocado is a fruit and a vegetable simultaneously. It has an exquisite creamy taste, it has the shape of cucumber, apple or pear. Most of the time, Its color can be dark or light  green, on the Inside it is the bone of brown that you don’t eat

Avocado has high calories and it is composed of vegetable oils that possess antioxidant properties and high content of vitamins E, A, B1, B2, B3, proteins and minerals.

WATER 67,90% MAGNESIUM 30,00 mg.
CALORIES 233 Kcal. PHOSPHORUS 43,00 mg.
PROTEIN 1,88 gr. КAL 487,00 mg.
FAT 23,50 gr. VITAMIN А 12 ug.
CARBOHYDRATES  0,40 gr. VITAMIN С 6,00 mg.
FIBER 6,33 gr. VITAMIN E 1,30 mg.
CALCIUM 12,00 mg. VITAMIN K 19 ug.
FERRUM 0,49 mg. VITAMIN  B3 31,42 mg.

Most popular type of avocado in the internacional market is  (Hass avocado) this is an special kind of avocado that has  a range between 18 -22% of fat/lipides , 60- 70% of water and also has a good content of vitamines B & E

That is the reason because OSSIMO company is getting into the avocato importation and exportation of hass avocado market. Our company has been in the international market for about 20 years; our experience make us the perfect choise to work with us, as we know which are the interest of our clients.

we have been working with the best avocado farms  in Colombia, Peru and Mexico, which are the best producers of this impressive product around the world.

As always, the top quality, the responsibility and compliace of our obligations has get us the trust of our clients


Comes in 2 different forms:

  • box of 4 kg
  • box of 10 kg
cardboard size

  • 12-24 (kg boxes) weight ranges from min 196 gr-max 380gr
  • 26-30 (10 boxes) weight ranges from min 140gr- max 161kg

It goes with a special temperature control and packing just to bring you the best quality of avocados.

International certificates

Our importations to Europe has the best qualifications with the GLOBAL G.A.P certificate (good agricultural certificate).

Global G.A.P  is a program that ensures the safety of food production and its main objective is to provide customers with quality products that are not harmful to health and the environment.

Maduracion Aguacate

Packing and Packaging

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